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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that we have raised repeatedly. Before contacting us to ask a question, please min / d take the time to check out the FAQ you may find / yen answer present.

Employment by clicking on the icon at the top of the page request (left) and will communicate with applicants if there is a vacancy.

Yes, apply for training and you can by clicking on training in the top of the page application icon (left) and will communicate with applicants if the field open for training.

Office specializes in the following issues:
  • Administrative issues
  • Trade issues
  • Human rights issues (financial)
  • Inheritance issues
  • You can send your request via the Contact Us page, and will communicate with you on the email to complete post Asthartkm legal procedures.

    From Sunday to Thursday at seven in the morning until the evening of the fourth.

    Group consists of four claws:
  • Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Sultan Office lawyers and advisers.
  • Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sultan Office document.
  • iyas Training Center.
  • iyas Center for Legal Studies.
  • You can not find the answer to your question?

    If you have any questions do not find him an answer in the above list, you can contact us directly by sending a message or contact us and explain your inquiry to enable us to provide assistance.

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