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Giving credence to value of efficacious quality and following its own strategy of integration and professionalism; Al Sultan Group has initiated few Specialised units in a way that each unit serves clients in its respective area with concentricity due care and diligence

Unit legal services sector contracting

  • Working on enhancement of good governance and compliance in constructions sector.
  • Coping legally with the advances in constructions sector.
  • Assessment of legal needs in the sector.
  • Services
  • Providing legal consultancy in all legal aspects pertaining the sector
  • Representing constructions companies .
  • Determine the legal status of the contracting company.
  • Helping contractions companies to untangle complexities and resolve problems.
  • Drafting and reviewing legal agreements and contracts.
  • Drafting legislations in relation to construction sector.
  • Projects
  • Rights and obligations of the contractor in The Contract for Public Works
  • The unit of legal services for businesses

  • Contributing to enhancement of legal compliance and good governance in companies sector.
  • Working on the creation of healthy legal environment for Companies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Measuring the legal needs of companies in Saudi Arabia
  • Providing legal preventive and protective legal measures for companies in saudi Arabia.
  • Services
  • Providing legal consultancy for companies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Reperesenting local and internartional companies in all judicial and governmental bodies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Evaluation companies legally.
  • Helping companies overcome legal obstacles and problems..
  • Providing legal consultancy pertaining to governance.
  • Darafting and reviewing contracts and agreements.
  • Drafting all types of legal lists.
  • Preparation of legal studies and research.
  • Legal training.
  • Projects
  • Inception of legal departments.
  • Good governance in family business
  • Companies Legal Guid

  • Improvement of legal compliance and governance in charities sector.
  • Working on increasing legal awareness in charities
  • Creation of constitutional legal environment for charities.
  • convoying advances in Charitable sector.
  • Measurement of charities legal needs.
  • Services
  • Providing legal consultancy for charitable entities in Saudi Arabia
  • Reperesenting charitable entities in all judicial and governmental bodies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Providing legal evaluation for charitable entities
  • Prepraring and providing legal training research and studies.
  • Helping charities to come up with legal solutions for all complexities and problems.
  • Orgnising seminars, workshops and meetings to enhance legal awareness.
  • Projects
  • Legal reality of Charitable sector in Saudo Arabia
  • Measurement of Legal Compliance Tool
  • Charities Legal Guid.
  • Unit legal drafting contracts

  • Legal and lingual regulation for contracts and agreements
  • To help reduing disputes arising form contracts.
  • Contract Modelling
  • Services
  • Drafting all Types of contracts and agreements.
  • Reviewing contracts and agreements
  • Drafting administrative decisions
  • Drafting all types of lists
  • Projects
  • Drafting an Executive list for the Ministry of Social Affairs