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1425 AH 2004 AD


The initiation of Mohammed Al sultan full-practice law firm; the corner stone of The Group

1425 - 1431 AH
2004 - 2010 AD


The law firm grew steadily widening its stake of the market.

1432 AH 2011 AD

Creative Change

A new creative strategy was drawn up by a handful of legal and administration professionals.

1433 - 1435 AH
2012 - 2014 AD

The Qualitative Organs

Three qualitative organs were founded in order to organise and professionalize our work.

1434 AH 2013 AD

Specialised Units

value strategic the Reflecting we ,professionalism of units specialised four initiated its serve to each for order in concentrativly area respective

Specialised Units
1436 AH 2010 AD

Strategic Clientships

We started some strategic clientships with governmental, corporate and charity clients.